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New Ball & LED Stands
Round LED Light Base $2.50
Square LED Light Base $2.95
White LED Light Base $2.50
Wood Light Base $18.95
Egg Sphere Stands $2.95
*NEW* Silver Ball Stands
*NEW* Diamond Stands

New Crystal & Glass
Birthstone Angels $3.95
Diamond Paperweights $2.50
Rainbow Crystal Balls
3D Crystal Ball $15.95
Spun Glass H-Birds $4.95
*NEW* Glow Jellyfish $12.95
Hanging Prism Balls $1.95

New Figurines & Decor
*NEW* Fairy on Crystal Ball
*NEW* LED Light Dragons
*NEW* Skulls & Zombies

New Feng Shui & Oriental
Feng Shui Wealth Cures
Feng Shui Money Frogs
*NEW* Lucky Charms $1.95
Buddha Statues $3.95
NEW Tea Cup Sets
*NEW* Zen Gardens

New Gem & Crystal
Merkaba Stars $14.95
Gold & Gem Bottles $1.00
Palm Stones $0.95
Worry Stones $2.50
Angel Carvings $9.95
US Gemstone Trees
Gemstone Bonsai Trees
Large Butterfly Carvings
Gem Happy Buddha $12.95
Rune Stones $12.95
Tumbled Stones $1.95
Gemstone Hearts $5.95+
Gemstone Pyramids
2" Gemstone Spheres
Agate Bookends $18.95+

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Isis Figurine $4.95
Isis Figurine
New Egyptian Figurines $2.95+
Hand painted f Winged Isis on hieroglyphic base. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess and "Giver of Life".
 4 3/4" W $4.95

Large 2" Oval
Worry Stones

2" Worry Stones
All Gem Varieties

Back in Stock $2.95+
Large Calibrated 2" Oval Shaped Thumb Stones are excellent pocket stones that are sturdy enough to carry through the day.
2" L $4.95+

Each LED
Light Changes Color!
10 LED Light Base
Electric 10 LED Light Base

Electric LED Bases
New high tech light stand has 10 LED lights that each slowly change colors for a TRUE RAINBOW light show! Adapter included.
4 1/4" L $17.95

Spun Glass

Dolphin Love Heart

Save $4.00

Dolphin sweet hearts kiss under a crystal heart with red letters of Love over their embrace on round mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 1/2" H  $12.95

40+ Gem Varieties
Gemstone Merkaba Crystals
Tiger Eye
2 1/2" Merkaba

Now 40+ Large Merkaba Stars!
8-Pointed Merkaba Star aka Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life in 40+ gem varieties.
Mer-Ka-Ba means Light-Spirit-Body in ancient Egyptian.
2 1/2"W $14.95+

Celestite Geode
1 3/4" Sphere

Save $20.00
Blue Celestite Geode spheres have large prismatic crystals. Celestite is said to facilitate higher meditation & cleanse negative energies.
Stand included.
1 3/4
" W $24.95

Brazil Agate

Pink Agate Bookends

In 8 Colors!
Stunning Agate  Bookends pair show off the beauty of both the rough and polished stone.
Shapes vary.
Pair 2+lbs $24.95

Water Moon 

Save $40.00

Hand painted Water Moon Kwan Yin sits by a lotus leaf. The Bodhisattva vows to free all beings from earthly suffering.
Limited Edition

7" H $39.95


Rotates in Battery Mode
Battery Rotary LED Light Base
10 Settings Rotary LED Light Base
Rotary LED Bases $12.95+
Next Gen LED Light base rotates in battery or electric mode. 4 SUPER bright LED lights have 10 light shows. AAA Batteries not included.
3 1/2" W $17.25
With Cord $20.25

Spun Glass

Multi Colored Glass Dragon

Save $6.00

Multicolored Dragon with crystal ball set on a beveled mirror base. Use with LED light base for effects.
Gift Boxed
 3 1/2" H $12.95

Unicorn Treasure Box
Star Unicorn
Treasure Box

New Anne Stokes Boxes
Save $9.00
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.
4" W $12.95

New Money Frogs

Baby & Mama  Wealth Frogs

New Wealth Frogs $2.95+

Double your luck with a Mama and Baby Money Frog figurine. Each has a lucky coin to banish bad luck and bring wealth to your door.

3" L $7.95

Pale Jade
Elephant Carving

New Elephant Carvings!
Translucent Pales Jade elephant carving. Jade is a treasured "Bringer of Good Fortune". The elephant is a symbol of love, family ties and great endurance.

2 1/8" L $14.95

New H-Bird Suncatchers

Lots of New
Glass H-Birds!

Spun glass Rainbow hued H-bird Sun Catcher w/crystal eyes & string hanger.
Gift Boxed
3" H $3.95

Obelisk Paperweight
Atlantis Obelisk

New Crystal Art Glass!

Faceted crystal obelisk rainbow paperweight makes a great gift for the sophisticate

3 1/2" H $27.95

Murano Glass
Glass  Angel Fish

Tropical Fish
Asstd Colors

Save $9.00
Murano Angel Fish sculptures in colors with white swaths amid  clear sparkling glass. Each piece is unique.
5 1/2" H $10.95

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