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9 Colors - $4.95
Hanging Prism Balls
Crystal Prism Balls
Save $8.00
Hanging crystal prism balls in jewel colors  are a perfect Feng Shui tool to energize a dead space w/Chi energy.
30mm or 1 1/4" $4.95
Spun Glass
Glass Peacock Figurine
Glass Peacock on Mirror

Save $9.00
A hand crafted proud glass Peacock  with gold accents struts his stuff on oval mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 1/4"W  $14.95

Aurora Borealis
in 7 Colors!!

AB Gold
Crystal Ball
w/Gold Stand

Rainbow Colors
Save $12.00
2" AB Color Crystal Balls with rainbow Aurora Borealis finish is mesmerizing.
Goldtone Princess Stand
is included.
Red Satin Gift Box
2" W

Lights Room Too

Party 4 LED Side Light Base

New Square LED Bases $2.95+
Can hold small crystal balls! 4 LED color lights and side light windows for a color changing party light show. AAA Batteries not included.
2 1/2" W $4.25


3 Sizes
 3 3/4"to 5 1/4"

Save $
Luxurious Clear Crystal Lotus Flower with 18 leaded crystal petals on a clear base, FREE LED Base included for light show!
Gift Boxed
3 3/4" W $12.95

Brass Sphere Stand
Ornate Antique Brass Ball Stand

Save $10.00

Exquisite Victorian style Antique Brass Stand gives old world quality to your favorite large crystal balls.

3" W $12.95

Real Silver Flakes Bottle

Save $4.00

Every cloud has a Silver lining!! Authentic bottle of real silver flakes floating in solution from Brazil. Also real 24K gold flakes.
1 3/4" H $3.95

LED Light Base $2.50

3 Color LED Light Base

LED Bases $2.50
Save $3.00
Silver light base has 3
super bright LED lights that produce a rainbow light show. AA Batteries not included.
3 3/8" W $2.50

1/2"- 3 5/8" W
Austrian Crystal

Mini Rainbow

Save $4.00
A crystal Rainbow in mini to large size!! Hand made authentic Peacock Austrian Crystal.
1/2" W

Jade Turtle Carving
Jumbo Lucky
Jade Turtle

Save $16.00
Large Turtle carving in Chinese Jade, the most auspicious Feng Shui stone for good luck, wealth & happiness.
3 1/4" L $18.95

4 Sizes!
2" to 4 1/4" H

Crystal Pyramid
2" Crystal Pyramid 

New Crystal Pyramids
Crystal Pyramid prism refracts rainbow colors in natural or artificial light, the same type Isaac Newton used.
2" H

Murano Glass
Glass  Angel Fish

Tropical Fish
Asstd Colors

Save $9.00
Murano Angel Fish sculptures in colors with white swaths amid  clear sparkling glass. Each piece is unique.
5 1/2" H $10.95

Yellow Jade Elephant Carving
Yellow Jade
t Carving

Save $13.00

Rare elephant carving in beautiful Yellow Jade, a stone of prosperity and happiness. The elephant is a symbol of endurance for love of family.

2 1/8" L $16.95


6 Gem Varieties

Rose Quartz Butterfly
Save $8.00
Rose Quartz Butterfly carving, is a symbol of the transition of the flight to freedom, in 6 gem stones.
2 1/2" W $16.95

Out of Print Art Card

Love Conquers

All New Age Artist Cards $1.50!!
Save $2.00

Frame-able Art Card by Joan MarieNew Age Artist. Blank card, suitable for any occasion.

5" x 7" H $1.50

Velvet Pouch Included!

Cat's Eye 45mm Hearts
16 Colors!

All Birthstone Colors!
Save $6.00
Pure Eye Candy!! Cat's Eye Puffy Hearts in birthstone colors. Velvet pouch included.
1 3/4"W x 1"D $6.95

Bottles $1.00

Blue Topaz
Save $2.50
Old time corked  bottle filled to the brim w/polished gem stones. Add them to your gem collection. Choose Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Peridot.

2" H $1.00+

1"- 6" W

Evil Eye
Pendants & Charms

Save $6.00
Real Evil Eye protection charms. Use as pendants, car ornaments and wall hangings. From 1" to 6" to suit your need.
1" W $3.95

3 sizes - Sold by weight

AA Quartz Hexagon Star

Save $8.00

Hexagon Stars cut in 95%+ flawless Clear AA Quartz Crystal. Use for Reiki and healing Chi energy.
In Velvet Pouch
2" W $26.95

24 Gem Varieties

Multi Gemstone
Runes w/Pouch

Save $10.00+

The Viking Runic alphabet was used in daily life and by Rune Masters for divination. Symbols engraved on gem stones combine ancient thought & crystal power.
w/Velvet Pouch
$12.95 & Up

Anne Stokes Box
Spell Keeper Mirror Box

Save $9.00

New Anne Stokes Boxes
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

40+ Gem Varieties
Moss Agate Merkaba
Green Moss Agate 2 1/2" Merkaba

Save $8.00+
Now 40+ Large Merkaba Stars!
8-Pointed Merkaba Star aka Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life in 40+ gem varieties.
Mer-Ka-Ba means Light-Spirit-Body in ancient Egyptian.
2 1/2"W $14.95+

Silver Egg
& Ball Stands

Silver Egg Stand
Princess Stands in 3 Sizes

Save $3.00

Nickel silver finish stands in three sizes to hold your favorite crystal balls or egg collectibles.
7/8" W

Unakite Egg

Save $4.00
Now back in stock!  Unakite is a pink Feldspar with Epidote and Quartz, used to enhance personal growth, development.
Stand included.
2" H $12.95

Cat's Eye 40mm Balls 14 Colors!

Save $6.00

Pure Eye Candy!! Cat's Eye fiber optic 1 1/2" spheres in 14 Birthstone colors, brilliantly reflect the light.
Stand Included
1 1/2" W  $6.95

9" H Brass
Zazen Buddha

Save $28.00
Intricate Zazen Buddha statue in Satori meditation atop a lotus cushion on pedestal with ancient Zen symbols. Hand finished aged brass verdigris finish.
9" H $21.95

Spun Glass
Glass Lighthouse

Dolphins on Lighthouse

New Sea Life Figurines  $10.95+
Frosted Lighthouse figurine has blue tower with seagull and  dolphins in a charming nautical glass sculpture.
Fits on LED base.

3 1/2" H $14.95

Lights Room Too

Party 4 LED Side Light Base

New Square LED Bases $2.95+
Can hold small crystal balls! 4 LED color lights and side light windows for a color changing party light show. AAA Batteries not included.
2 1/2" W $4.25

Protector Treasure Box
Wolf Protector
Treasure Box

New Anne Stokes Boxes
Save $9.00
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

Tea Cup w/Lid
& Infuser

Save $7.00

Geisha bamboo garden has lovely  blossom trees, flowers and birds. Hand painted 3pc porcelain set has cup, lid and infuser for loose/bagged tea.
Gift Boxed
5 1/4" H $9.95

Isis Figurine $5.95
Isis Figurine

New Egyptian Figurines $3.95+
Hand painted f Winged Isis on hieroglyphic base. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess and "Giver of Life".
 4 3/4" W $5.95

Double my Luck Now

Double Luck Charm
Double Money Wealth Charm

Save $3.00

Double my Money and Luck Charm! Two strings of lucky coins,
Longevity Knots for double shot of luck and money!
13 1/2" L $4.95


Spun Glass
Glass Dolphin
Dolphin & Sea Buddies

Save $9.00

A colorful Dolphin, Sea Turtle and Gold Tiger Fish gather around a frosted Sea Anemone,  on round mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 3/4"W  $12.95

Spun Glass
Glass Dragon with Sword
Mystic Dragon with Sword

Save $12.00
Mystic Blue Dragon has sparkle wings, a rainbow sword and a crystal Ball. Use with LED light base for eye catching drama.

Gift Boxed
 3 1/2" W $14.95

Lucky Buddha Statue

Lucky Buddha Statue

New Buddha Figurines $3.95
Save $4.00
Prosperity Laughing Buddha figurine carries a bottomless money bag. He brings success & wealth in Feng Shui lore.
3" H $3.95

In 5 Colors!!

Glass Hummingbird Ornament
H-Bird Suncatcher

Save $6.00
Spun glass  Hummingbird Suncatchers w/crystal eyes and GOLD accents. Last of Stock!
2" x 2" $5.95


All Seeing Eye Figurine

New Egyptian Figurines $2.95
A hand painted Eye of Horus on a brightly colored base, known as the All Seeing Eye in Masonic teachings.
3 1/8" W $15.95

Gold Money Frog
on Coins

Save $6.00

In Chinese lore, ChanChu the toad drives away evil, protects property &  increases income.

2 3/4" L $2.95

Large Facet Crystal Egg

Egg Set
3 3/4" H

Save $14.00
High quality, flawless, full lead crystal facet cut egg with facet cut stand in hand crafted optical pure crystal.
3 3/4
" H $29.95
Gift Boxed

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