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9 Colors - $4.95
Hanging Prism Balls
Crystal Prism Balls
Save $8.00
Hanging crystal prism balls in jewel colors  are a perfect Feng Shui tool to energize a dead space w/Chi energy.
30mm or 1 1/4" $4.95

Spun Glass

Dolphin Love Heart

Save $10.00
Dolphin sweet hearts kiss under a crystal heart with red letters of Love over their embrace on round mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 1/2" H  $14.95

Aurora Borealis
in 7 Colors!!

AB Gold
Crystal Ball
w/Gold Stand

Rainbow Colors
Save $12.00
2" AB Color Crystal Balls with rainbow Aurora Borealis finish is mesmerizing.
Goldtone Princess Stand
is included.
Red Satin Gift Box
2" W

Lights Room Too

Party 4 LED Side Light Base

New Square LED Bases $2.95+
Can hold small crystal balls! 4 LED color lights and side light windows for a color changing party light show. AAA Batteries not included.
2 1/2" W $4.25


3 Sizes
 3 3/4"to 5 1/4"

Save $
Luxurious Clear Crystal Lotus Flower with 18 leaded crystal petals on a clear base, FREE LED Base included for light show!
Gift Boxed
3 3/4" W $12.95

Brass Sphere Stand
Ornate Antique Brass Ball Stand

Save $10.00

Exquisite Victorian style Antique Brass Stand gives old world quality to your favorite large crystal balls.

3" W $12.95

Real Silver Flakes Bottle

Save $4.00

Every cloud has a Silver lining!! Authentic bottle of real silver flakes floating in solution from Brazil. Also real 24K gold flakes.
1 3/4" H $3.95

For Glass & Paperweights

Mirror 4 LED Light Base

New Square LED Bases $2.95+
Save $2.00
Portable Silver square light base has mirror top and bright 4 LED lights that produce a random light show. AAA Batteries not included.
2 1/2" W $3.95

1/2"- 3 5/8" W
Austrian Crystal

Mini Rainbow

Save $4.00
A crystal Rainbow in mini to large size!! Hand made authentic Peacock Austrian Crystal.
1/2" W

Jade Turtle Carving
Jumbo Lucky
Jade Turtle

Save $16.00
Large Turtle carving in Chinese Jade, the most auspicious Feng Shui stone for good luck, wealth & happiness.
3 1/4" L $18.95

4 Sizes!
2" to 4 1/4" H

Crystal Pyramid
2" Crystal Pyramid 

New Crystal Pyramids
Crystal Pyramid prism refracts rainbow colors in natural or artificial light, the same type Isaac Newton used.
2" H

Murano Glass
Glass  Angel Fish

Tropical Fish
Asstd Colors

Save $9.00
Murano Angel Fish sculptures in colors with white swaths amid  clear sparkling glass. Each piece is unique.
5 1/2" H $10.95

Yellow Jade Elephant Carving
Yellow Jade
t Carving

Save $13.00

Rare elephant carving in beautiful Yellow Jade, a stone of prosperity and happiness. The elephant is a symbol of endurance for love of family.

2 1/8" L $16.95


6 Gem Varieties

Rose Quartz Butterfly
Save $8.00
Rose Quartz Butterfly carving, is a symbol of the transition of the flight to freedom, in 6 gem stones.
2 1/2" W $16.95

Out of Print Art Card

Love Conquers

All New Age Artist Cards $1.50!!
Save $2.00

Frame-able Art Card by Joan Marie. Blank card, suitable for any occasion.

5" x 7" H $1.50

Velvet Pouch Included!

Cat's Eye 45mm Hearts
16 Colors!

All Birthstone Colors!
Save $6.00
Pure Eye Candy!! Cat's Eye Puffy Hearts in birthstone colors. Velvet pouch included.
1 3/4"W x 1"D $6.95

Bottles $1.00

Blue Topaz
Save $2.50
Old time corked  bottle filled to the brim w/polished gem stones. Add them to your gem collection. Choose Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Peridot.

2" H $1.00+

Rose Quartz Egg

Save $4.00
Back in stock gorgeous Rose quartz eggs! Gentle Rose quartz is used to  radiate soothing love energies.
Stand included.
2" H $12.95

3 sizes - Sold by weight

AA Quartz Hexagon Star

Save $8.00

Hexagon Stars cut in 95%+ flawless Clear AA Quartz Crystal. Use for Reiki and healing Chi energy.
In Velvet Pouch
2" W $26.95

24 Gem Varieties

Multi Gemstone
Runes w/Pouch

Save $10.00+

The Viking Runic alphabet was used in daily life and by Rune Masters for divination. Symbols engraved on gem stones combine ancient thought & crystal power.
w/Velvet Pouch
$12.95 & Up

Anne Stokes Box
Spell Keeper Mirror Box

Save $9.00

New Anne Stokes Boxes
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

40+ Gem Varieties
Moss Agate Merkaba
Green Moss Agate 2 1/2" Merkaba

Save $8.00+
Now 40+ Large Merkaba Stars!
8-Pointed Merkaba Star aka Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life in 40+ gem varieties.
Mer-Ka-Ba means Light-Spirit-Body in ancient Egyptian.
2 1/2"W $14.95+

Unakite Egg

Save $4.00
Now back in stock!  Unakite is a pink Feldspar with Epidote and Quartz, used to enhance personal growth, development.
Stand included.
2" H $12.95

Silver Egg
& Ball Stands

Silver Egg Stand
Princess Stands in 3 Sizes

Save $3.00

Nickel silver finish stands in three sizes to hold your favorite crystal balls or egg collectibles.
7/8" W

Cat's Eye 40mm Balls 14 Colors!

Save $6.00

Pure Eye Candy!! Cat's Eye fiber optic 1 1/2" spheres in 14 Birthstone colors, brilliantly reflect the light.
Stand Included
1 1/2" W  $6.95

9" H Brass
Zazen Buddha

Save $28.00
Intricate Zazen Buddha statue in Satori meditation atop a lotus cushion on pedestal with ancient Zen symbols. Hand finished aged brass verdigris finish.
9" H $21.95


Protector Treasure Box
Wolf Protector
Treasure Box
New Anne Stokes Boxes
Save $9.00
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

Isis Figurine $5.95
Isis Figurine

New Egyptian Figurines $3.95+
Hand painted f Winged Isis on hieroglyphic base. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess and "Giver of Life".
 4 3/4" W $5.95

Double my Luck Now

Double Luck Charm
Double Money Wealth Charm

Save $3.00

Double my Money and Luck Charm! Two strings of lucky coins,
Longevity Knots for double shot of luck and money!
13 1/2" L $4.95


Poem to Mom Angel Figurine

New Glass Mom Angel!!
"Mother, you fill my life with happiness and my heart with love". Angel with white robe has lovely poem to Mom on it.  Fits on LED base.
4 1/2" H $14.95

LED Light Base $2.50

3 Color LED Light Base

LED Bases $2.50
Save $3.00
Silver light base has 3
super bright LED lights that produce a rainbow light show. AA Batteries not included.
3 3/8" W $2.50

Spun Glass
Glass Dragon with Sword
Mystic Dragon with Sword

Save $12.00
Mystic Blue Dragon has sparkle wings, a rainbow sword and a crystal Ball. Use with LED light base for eye catching drama.

Gift Boxed
 3 1/2" W $14.95

Tea Cup w/Lid
& Infuser

Save $7.00

Geisha bamboo garden has lovely  blossom trees, flowers and birds. Hand painted 3pc porcelain set has cup, lid and infuser for loose/bagged tea.
Gift Boxed
5 1/4" H $9.95

Lucky Buddha Statue

Lucky Buddha Statue

New Buddha Figurines $3.95
Save $4.00
Prosperity Laughing Buddha figurine carries a bottomless money bag. He brings success & wealth in Feng Shui lore.
3" H $3.95

In 5 Colors!!

Glass Hummingbird Ornament
H-Bird Suncatcher

Save $6.00
Spun glass  Hummingbird Suncatchers w/crystal eyes and GOLD accents. Last of Stock!
2" x 2" $5.95


All Seeing Eye Figurine

New Egyptian Figurines $2.95
A hand painted Eye of Horus on a brightly colored base, known as the All Seeing Eye in Masonic teachings.
3 1/8" W $15.95

Gold Money Frog
on Coins

Save $6.00

In Chinese lore, ChanChu the toad drives away evil, protects property &  increases income.

2 3/4" L $2.95

Spun Glass
Glass Dolphin
Dolphin & Sea Buddies

Save $9.00

A colorful Dolphin, Sea Turtle and Gold Tiger Fish gather around a frosted Sea Anemone,  on round mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 3/4"W  $12.95

Large Facet Crystal Egg

Egg Set
3 3/4" H

Save $12.00
High quality, flawless, full lead crystal facet cut egg with facet cut stand in hand cut optical crystal.
3 3/4
" H $29.95
Gift Boxed

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