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In Six Colors!!
Butterfly Suncatchers $3.95
Glass Butterfly Ornaments
Save $3.00
Glass butterfly suncatchers or ornaments in 6 colors with hanging filament.
Gift Boxed
2 1/2" L $3.95

Feng Shui Crystal

Crystal Prism Ball
1 1/2" Crystal
Prism Ball

Save $6.00+
Value priced leaded Crystal Prism Balls in Swarovski facet cut. Feng Shui masters say hang prism balls in the bedroom for a potent love cure.
1 1/4" W
1 1/2" W $3.95

Out of Print Art Card

Natural Beauty
By Buchfink

New Age Artist Cards $1.50!!
Save $
Rare Marie Buchfink blank card perfect for Mother's Day or any occasion.
5" W x 7" H $1.50

2 1/2" Cat's Eye

Sapphire 60mm Cat's Eye Ball

Save $14.00

Pure Eye Candy!! Huge 60mm or 2 1/2" W Sapphire Cat's Eye sphere on Oriental wood stand. Brilliantly reflects the light.
Stand Included
2 1/2"W $6.95

Diamond or Crystal Ball Holder

Paisley Diamond Stand

Save $2.00

ilver tone Paisley Stand gives classic elegance to diamond pwts or crystal balls. Use either side up.
1 1/8" H $3.95

Gemstone Bottles

19 Gem Varieties

Save $2.50

Old time corked  bottle filled to the brim w/polished gem stones. Add them to your gem collection.

2" H $1.00+

3 Sizes

AB Crystal Display for Marbles, Eggs & Balls

Save $7.00+
AB rainbow crystal cube stands has  beveled corners.  Holds marbles, spheres, eggs with class, in 3 sizes.
1 1/8" W $4.95

Spun Glass
In 6 Colors!!

4" W Blue Rainbow

Save $8.00+

Exquisite Rainbow Sword-Billed Hummingbirds glass sculptures in 6 gorgeous colors. Fits on LED base above
4" W $2.95

Emerald Dragon on Treasure Chest

New Fantasy Dragon Figurines
Save $10.00
Emerald Royal Dragon guards his jewel filled treasure chest. Hand painted Dragon figurine.
Gift Boxed
6" H $18.95

Large Pillow Display
Velvet  Pillow Displays

Save $10.00

Round, black velvet pillows are a perfect display for spheres, eggs, paperweights, crystals or any loved object to show off with majestic style!
6" W $22.95


Diamonds in Birthstone Colors

1 1/2" W & Up
Save $6.00
Sparkling huge 1 1/2" wide brilliant round cut Crystal diamond paperweight makes a dazzling gift! Fits on LED base.
Gift Boxed
1 1/2" D $2.50 & Up

Choose from
5 Colors!!

Gold Happy Buddha Set
6 Buddha Set

Save $4.00
Set of 6 Happy Buddha's for Safe Travel, Prosperity, Love, Spiritual Journey, Happy Home & Long Life.
Set of 6

2" H  $5.95

Pouch of Tumbled Stones

Dyed Quartz
Crackle Stones

Save $4.00+

Polished tumbled stones from Brazil & S. Africa, in velvet pouch for healing, meditation or decor.
w/Velvet Pouch
4ozs. $1.95+

1 3/4" Wide

Gem Heart
in Pouch

New Gemstone
Hearts $6.95+

Quality Lapis Hearts. Lapis Lazuli enhances the sacred daily routine to improve focus and meaning.
In Velvet Pouch
45mm $24.95

Pouch of Tumbled Stones

Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone
AA Clear Quartz

Save $7.00

Brazilian AA Clear Quartz Crystal tumbled stones in even sized 3/4" W stones.
Quartz magnifies Chi force
w/Velvet Pouch
2ozs. $2.95+

55mm - 60mm

Blue Agate Eggs
Blue Agate Eggs
2 Sizes

Save $10.00

Hand carved Blue Agate Eggs have glassy pearl, blue and opal hues in  gorgeous banded patterns.

Stand Included
2 1/4" H $14.95

2" Sphere

Save $15.00
This is a powerful healing stone from India, with grounding and balancing properties.
Stand Included
2" W $29.95

Egg & Ball Stand

Brass Embossed

Save $2.00

Elegant shiny brass embossed sphere or egg tripod stand has scrolling on the legs and sides. In 2 sizes.
2" W

Tea Cup w/Lid & Infuser

Save $6.00
Decorative bird & flower motif on three piece porcelain set. Includes cup, lid and infuser for brewing loose or bagged tea.
Gift Boxed
5 1/2" H $11.95

Good Luck New Years Dragon

Save $7.00

Chinese Glass Dragon with ruby crystal eyes and gold trimmed accents on oval mirror base.
Gift Boxed
4"W  $12.95

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