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Spirit Guide Mirror Box
Save $9.00
New Anne Stokes Boxes
Save $9.00
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious black felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

Electric 4 Color LED Lights!
3" W Electric Light Base

4 Color LED
3" W Mirror Top Base

Save $7.00
Save money and just plug it in and forget it! Mirror top base has 4 COLOR LED lights that make a rainbow light show. AC adapter is included. 3 AAA Batteries not included.
3" W $8.95

1 3/4" - 2" Wide

Pale Jade
Gem Heart
in Pouch

Save $12.00

Quality Pale Jade Hearts. Jade is the stone of Love, Happiness and Good Luck.
In Velvet Pouch
45mm $12.95

60+ Gem
Worry Stones

All Gem Varieties

See New Palm Stones $0.95!
Gem Thumb Stones also called Worry Stones are an excellent meditation tool to tune in to the crystal energies and wisdom.
1 3/4" L $2.50+

2 1/4" H

Blue Calcite Eggs
Sky Blue Calcite Egg

NEW Gem Eggs
Rare Blue Calcite 55mm Eggs have sky blue hues! Calcite enhances cosmic awareness.

Stand Included
2 1/4" H $18.95

Also in Pewter

Gold Plated Egg Stand
Gold Plated Ball Egg Stand

Save $
Beautiful Princess Stands are available in Gold-Plated or Pewter finish. They add sleek elegance to any egg collection.

2" W $4.50

Glow in Dark
11 Colors

3 1/4" Jellyfish

Glass Jellyfish Paperweights
Save $9.00
The super popular Glow in the Dark Jellyfish 3 1/4" H paperweight is now available in ELEVEN colors. Fits LED 3" W light bases.
Gift Boxed
3 1/4" H

Phoenix Rising Figurine

Save $20.00
New Dragons & Wizards
Phoenix rising from the ashes statue is hand painted in vibrant colors. The Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth in Greek, Egyptian and most ancient cultures.
Gift Boxed
11" H $69.95


Healing Stones w/Pouch

12 Healing Stones in Pouch
12 Stones in Velvet Pouch

New Tumble Stones $1.95+
Our all time Best Seller!! 12 Healing Stones, 5 medium & 7 small semi-precious stones from Brazil & South Africa in velvet pouch.
w/Velvet Pouch
12 Stones $6.95

Emerald Dragon on Treasure Chest

New Fantasy Dragon Figurines
Save $10.00
Emerald Royal Dragon guards his jewel filled treasure chest. Hand painted Dragon figurine.
Gift Boxed
6" H $18.95

LED Light Base
3 Color LED
Light Base

LED Bases $2.50
Save $3.00
Portable black light base has 3
extra bright LED lights that produce a color changing light show. AA Batteries not included.
3 3/8" W $2.50

Gem Varieties

Rose Quartz Butterfly

Save $8.00

Rose Quartz Butterfly carving, is a symbol of the transition of the flight to freedom, in 5 gem stones.
2 1/2" W $16.95

Mini Money Frog on Gold Ingots

New Money Frogs
Mini Money Frog or  ChanChu is atop a mountain of gold ingots, biting a coin for tremendous good fortune and prosperity in Feng Shui Lore.

1 3/4" H $3.95

Amethyst Gem Tree
Brazil Amethyst Gem Tree

More Bonsai Gem Trees

Brazil Amethyst Gem Tree is set on a large Amethyst Crystal Base with 30-40 Amethyst stones on each tree.
7" H x 6 1/2" W $25.95

Gold Horus Statue
New Egyptian Figurines $2.95
Museum quality, hand painted figurine of Pharaoh Falcon God Horus on a gold base with etched hieroglyphics.
8 3/4" H $29.95

Spun Glass

Multi Colored Glass Dragon

New Spun Glass Dragons!
Multicolored Dragon with crystal ball set on a beveled mirror base. Use with LED light base for effects.
Gift Boxed
 3 1/2" H $12.95

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