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Green Aventurine Sphere
Green Aventurine
Gem Sphere
50mm Green Aventurine Sphere w/Stand
This green Aventurine has a shiny smooth green semi-translucent matrix with gentle streaks of light green. Aventurine reinforces decisiveness, amplifies leadership qualities and enhances instinctive reaction in difficult situations. The Oriental Wood Stand is included.
50mm or 2" Sphere

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Reg 29.95



Cat's Eye Sphere
50mm Cat's Eye Sphere
In 8 Colors
Cats Eye 50mm Spheres with Stand
In 6 Jewel Colors! 
Hard to find 2" W Fiber Optic Cat's Eye spheres. These stunning Cat's Eye crystal balls are available in 8 vibrant colors and can be used as Feng Shui tools to clear negative energy and increase the positive Chi energy in dark rooms and corners. Each comes with it's own oriental wood stand.

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50mm or 2" Sphere w/Stand
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Reg 18.95


2" Angelite Sphere
Blue Angelite Sphere
50mm AA Angelite Sphere w/Stand
Angelite is a new satin smooth gem stone discovered in Peru at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  It has become a very popular healing stone and a symbol of global love and light represented by the Harmonic Convergence.  The Oriental Wood Stand is included.

50mm or 2" Sphere

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Reg 36.95


Red Aventurine Sphere
Red Aventurine
Gem Sphere
50mm Red Aventurine Sphere with Stand
These Red Aventurine Spheres from India have unusual color variations which is rarely seen in Aventurine with particles of mica that create a subtle sparkle. Red Aventurine is believed to reinforce decisiveness and enhance leadership qualities. It is a well known healing stone. The Walnut finish Oriental Stand is included.
50mm or 2" Sphere
Reg 24.95



In 3 Sizes!
Bloodstone Sphere
Gem Sphere
55mm A Bloodstone Sphere with Stand
These hand carved and polished Bloodstone spheres from India are a deep green with the beautiful red markings that identify Bloodstone. It has been used as a powerful healing stone, with wonderful grounding and balancing properties, by many cultures since ancient times. Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope and contain small "drops" of Red Jasper which gives this stone its name. The Oriental Wood Stand is included.

46mm or 1 3/4" A Sphere - $24.95
55mm or 2 1/4" AA Sphere - $34.95
60mm or 2 1/2" AA Sphere -
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See Large AA Bloodstone Spheres

Reg 36.95


Calligraphy Stone Sphere
Calligraphy or Mariam Stone
Calligraphy Stone Sphere with Stand
Superb hand carved and polished Calligraphy Stone Spheres from India, named in the West for the eye catching, intricate red and yellow swirls that resemble artistic calligraphy. Originally called Sang E Mariam Holy Stone in the Middle East. This stone is found in the Holy Land as well as India and Persia. It's name means Mary's Stone and the legend is that Mary gave birth while laying on this rock. It is comprised of ancient fossil shells that formed in an agate matrix and is revered as a mystical stone in the East. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included.

52mm or 2 1/8" Sphere - $29.95
55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere -

REG 42.95


Carnelian Sphere
AA Carnelian
Gem Sphere
50mm "AA" Madagascar Carnelian Sphere with Stand
These superbly polished AA Madagascar Carnelian spheres Have deep red tones coupled with a silky grey backdrop. Carnelian is believed to protect against envy, fear and rage, it helps to clear sorrow from the emotions. The Oriental Wood Stand is included.
50mm or 2" Sphere

Reg 74.95


Each Sphere is Unique!
Geode Celestite Sphere
55mm Geode Celestite
Gem Sphere

Blue Celestite Geode  Sphere

Madagascar Blue Celestite Geode spheres have large beautifully formed prismatic crystals. Celestite is greatly sought after as a spiritual stone, it is said to facilitate higher meditation, cleanse negative energies in one's surroundings and increase sensitivity to the higher self and angel guardians. Get one before they are gone!  The Oriental Wood Stand is included.

55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere...$39.95
45mm or 1 3/4" Sphere...$24.95
42mm or 1 1/2" Sphere...$19.95
58mm or 2 3/8" Sphere...$44.95
60mm or 2 1/2" Sphere...$49.95
66mm or 2 5/8" Sphere...$57.95
75mm or 3" Sphere...$69.95

Reg 59.95


Chrysocolla Sphere
Peru A Chrysocolla Gem Sphere
50mm A Peru Chrysocolla Sphere
with Stand
Chrysocolla crystals are usually intergrown with quartz and opal. It has a bright bluish green appearance with occasional copper patches. Chrysocolla is said to eliminate negativity in the home or environment as well as having healing properties. High quality A grade Chrysocolla spheres are hard to find, so order yours now before they sell out!  Each lovely 52mm or 2 1/8"  sphere or larger from Peru, comes with an Oriental Wood Stand.
50mm or 2" Sphere
55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere
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Reg 179.95


Dumortierite Sphere

Gem Sphere
Dumortierite Sphere with Stand
Rare, Blue Dumortierite Spheres from India. Dumortierite, named after it's discoverer, is used to ground high strung temperaments, it softens stubbornness while increasing self reliance and is considered a stone of patience by crystal masters and healers. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included.

50mm or 2" Sphere

Reg 49.95

Sale 39.95

Blue Aventurine Sphere
Blue Aventurine
Gem Sphere
50mm Blue Aventurine Sphere with Stand
Limited Quantities!!
These rare Blue Aventurine spheres have a translucent appearance, spangled with bright particles of mica that create subtle streaks of pale blue reflections. Aventurine is another popular healing stone and associated with the emotions of the heart. Blue always generates a soothing quality. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included.
50mm or 2" Sphere


Reg 29.95



Aquamarine Sphere
Gem Sphere
Aquamarine Sphere w/Stand
Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, also known as Emerald when it appears as green crystals. Exotic Aquamarine rarely make good spheres. Here is your chance to get an Aquamarine sphere with good light turquoise to sky blue color and nice polish. Some spheres have small streaks of citrine (dark gold).   It is a stone of courage and accelerates the intellectual and reasoning processes leading to better assimilation of the knowledge sought. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included.

55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere


Reg 169.95


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