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2" - 8" Wide
Media Favorite
Crystal Ball w/ Crystal Stand $8.95
2" Crystal Ball
with Stand
Save $10.00
Crystal Balls are everywhere in the media, TV shows and movies! Get one and look into your own real crystal ball! In 7 sizes 2" - 8" to suit your budget.
Red Gift  Box
2" W

Crystal Balls in Solid Colors!
2" W & Up

Save $8.00
A gorgeous Blue Sapphire 2" crystal ball with soft hues brings the summer trip to the seaside indoors, even in winter! Stand sold separately.

2" D $10.95+

Bling, Bling!!

1 1/2" W & Up

Save $5.00

Huge sparkling Clear Diamond Heart Paperweights! A sparkling crystal heart gift to remind Mom how much we love her!
Clear - April Stone
1 1/2" D $1.95

Bling, Bling!!
Diamonds in Birthstone Colors

1 1/2" W & Up

Save $6.00

Sparkling huge 1 1/2" wide brilliant round cut Crystal diamond paperweight makes a dazzling gift! Fits on LED base.
Gift Boxed
1 1/2" D $2.50 & Up

Phantom II Light Stand

Save $45.00

This stand includes a revolving turntable with beautiful kaleidoscope colors flowing from below, gently changing colors.
8 1/4" W $44.95

4 White LED Lights!

4 White LED
3" W Mirror Top Base

Save $4.00
Show off your prized awards & crystals! Mirror top base has 4 WHITE LED lights that stay lit. Choose Silver or Black. 3 AA Batteries not included.
3 3/8" W $4.95

2 3/4" W to
5 1/2" W

Crystal Ball Stands

Save $10.00+
Rosewood ball stands with felt lining swivel for easy viewing. Perfect for medium to x-large gem spheres, crystal balls and Art Glass.
2 3/4" W Base +
$2.95 & up

Coaster LED Light Base
4 Color LED Electric Light Base

LED Coaster
Save $20.00
Disco party coaster or bottle glorifier light base has 4
bright LED lights that create a rainbow light show. Electric or  3 AAA batteries.
3 3/4" W $10.95

Hand Painted!
9" H Red Fairy with Dragon Wings
Fabulous Fairy with Dragon

Save $15.00

Gorgeous Gothic Fairy w/ burgundy dragon wings, metallic leather bodice, gloves and her companion dragon. Hand crafted polyresin figurine.
Gift Boxed

9" L $44.95

Healing Stones w/Pouch

12 Healing Stones in Pouch
12 Stones in Velvet Pouch

See New Tumble
Stones $2.95+

DON'T PAY $5+ for EACH stone!! 12 Healing Stones, 5 medium & 7 small gem stones from Brazil & South Africa in velvet pouch.
w/Velvet Pouch
12 Stones $6.95

Gem Varieties
Aventurine Butterfly Carving
Aventurine Butterfly

Save $8.00

Green Aventurine Butterfly carving, is a symbol of the transition of the flight to freedom, in 5 gem stones.
2 1/2" W $16.95

With Velvet Pouch!
Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz Heart

Save $7.00

Give your heart to someone you love! Rose Quartz puff heart is called the Lover's Stone, Use it to radiate love energies in home or office.
In Velvet Pouch
1 3/4" W $12.95

Chinese Jade Chi Balls

Four Carved
Jade Zen 2" Balls

Save $10.00

Exceptional hand carved Jade Puzzle balls have 4 spheres each, one inside the other. Jade has been treasured as a Good Luck stone for centuries.
Stand is included.
2" W  $29.95

In Six Colors!!
Butterfly Suncatchers $3.95

 Glass Butterfly Ornaments

Save $3.00

Glass butterfly suncatchers or ornaments in 6 colors with hanging filament.
Gift Boxed
2 1/2" L $3.95

Jade Turtle Carving
Jumbo Lucky
Jade Turtle

Save $16.00
Large Turtle carving in Chinese Jade, the most auspicious Feng Shui stone for good luck, wealth & happiness.
3 1/4" L $18.95

Pot of Gold!!

Silver or Gold Flakes Bottle

Save $4.00

Collector bottle of real 24k gold flakes floating in solution. Gold is the eternal metal of the Sun that neither tarnishes or corrodes. Also real silver flakes bottle.
1 3/4" H $4.95

Gemstone Bottles

25+ Gem Varieties

Save $2.50

Old time corked  bottle filled to the brim w/polished gem stones. Add them to your gem collection.

2" H $1.00+

Each LED
Light Changes Color!
Electric 9 LED Light Base

Electric 9 LED Light Base

Save $9.00

New high tech light stand has 9 LED lights that each slowly change colors for a TRUE RAINBOW light show! Adapter included.
2 3/4" W $15.95


New H-Bird Suncatchers
Lots of New
Glass H-Birds!

Spun glass Rainbow hued H-bird Sun Catcher w/crystal eyes & string hanger.
Gift Boxed
3" H $4.95

New Money Frogs
Mom & Baby Wealth Frogs
Baby & Mama  Wealth Frogs

New Wealth Frogs $3.95+

Double your luck with a Mama and Baby Money Frog figurine. Each has a lucky coin to banish bad luck and bring wealth to your door.

3" L $7.95

Spun Glass
Dolphins Love Glass Figurine
Dolphin Love Heart

Save $10.00

Dolphin sweet hearts kiss under a crystal heart with red letters of Love over their embrace on round mirror base.
Gift Boxed
3 3/4" H  $14.95

Isis Figurine $4.95
Isis Figurine

New Egyptian Figurines $3.95+
Hand painted Winged Isis on hieroglyphic base. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess and "Giver of Life".
 4 3/4" W $4.95

Winter Guardians Box
Winter Guardian
Treasure Box

New Anne Stokes Boxes
Save $10.00
Anne Stokes boxes features a luxurious felt interior and a mirror on the hinge lid.  
4" W $12.95

Moon Goddess Statue
Water Moon  Goddess

Save $55.00

Hand painted Water Moon Kwan Yin sits by a lotus leaf. The Moon Goddess vows to free all beings from earthly suffering.
Limited Edition

7" H $23.95

Citrine Tumbled Stones

Save $5.00

is the stone of the entrepreneur & adds prosperity, leads to acquiring & keeping wealth.
From Brazil w/Velvet Pouch
 4ozs $7.95

Lucky Buddha Statue

New Buddha Figurines $3.95
Save $4.00
Prosperity Laughing Buddha figurine carries a bottomless money bag. He brings success & wealth in Feng Shui lore.
3" H $4.95

Velvet Pouch Included!

Cat's Eye 45mm Hearts
13 Colors!

All Birthstone Colors!
Save $8.00
Pure Eye Candy!! Cat's Eye Puffy Hearts in birthstone colors. Velvet pouch included.
1 3/4"W x 1"D $6.95

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