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Large Bonsai Hematite Gemstone Tree
On Amethyst Druze Crystal Cluster Base

Hematite Gemstone Tree
Large Bonsai Hematite Gem Tree
On Large Druze Amethyst Crystal Cluster Base
8" H x 6" L x 4 1/2" W - 1lb 5ozs. Approx.
Amethyst, Citrine, or Multi Gem

Hand crafted Bonsai Hematite gemstone trees from Brazil. Each faux Bonsai Tree is set on a large Druze Amethyst Crystal Cluster Base with 18 brass wire branches that have three large polished Hematite stones on each branch, which is a total 54 Hematite polished 1/3"-  1/2" wide stones on each tree.

Hematite has been called a "Stone of the Mind", enhancing mental attunement and original thinking. It is mysteriously heavy and has the appearance of a polished silver mirror. The stone energies naturally blend into the universal "Tree of Life" symbolism and help to ground those who meditate on it.

Each tree is unique and handmade,
 with slight variations!!

Your Choice of:
Citrine, Amethyst, Hematite, Sodalite or Multi Gem Bonsai Tree

This Gem Tree Was  .............. $49.95

E -
Now ...................$36.95


This stone is said to help with mental pursuits and keep confusion to a minimum.  It is very helpful with technical pursuits as well as mental and manual dexterity.

Hematite raises aspirations by removing negative subconscious emotions and barriers.  It has been known to bring people closer to inner-happiness.

Hematite is a shiny crystal material that has a luster and used to be used as mirrors. Mainly found in Lake Superior, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, and England.  It gets it's name from the Greek root "ema" meaning blood.  If you drag Hematite across unglazed porcelain there is a red streak left in the mineral's wake.

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