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Classic Clear Crystal Ball
April Birthstone - 8 Sizes 2" to 8"

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$6.95 Crystal Ball 2" - 8" Wide
Clear Crystal Ball
50mm or 2" Diameter - Larger sizes below
Gold Princess Stand sold separately
April Birthstone

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2" or 50mm Clear Crystal Ball $6.95
2 1/2" or 60mm Clear Crystal Ball $11.95
3 1/3" or 80mm Clear Crystal Ball $19.95
4" or 100mm Clear Crystal Ball $29.95
4 1/2" or 110mm Clear Crystal Ball $34.95
5 1/4" or 130mm Clear Crystal Ball $44.95
6" or 150mm Clear Crystal Ball $69.95
8" or 200mm Clear Crystal Ball $149.95

 April Birthstone
Flawless, optically pure Reconstituted Quartz Crystal Balls with no bubbles or swirls.

The classic clear crystal ball is very traditional and timeless in its beauty. 

Who can explain the ancient mysterious attraction to crystal balls. Perfect for scrying by allowing the intuitive subconscious to communicate its marvelous revelations or just to dazzle as an unusual decorative piece.
50mm Crystal ball seen with Princess Gold Plated Stand sold separately, just $5.95.

For 100mm or larger crystal balls we recommend the King George 3" Stand or
Ornate Antique Stand on sale separately, now $12.95 and up.

Gift Boxed with Satin Lining
Crystal Ball Only or with Ball Stand Purchase

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Crystal Ball Stands
Assorted Brass Small Stands Wood Lighted & LED
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