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"Dragon's Tails"
Large Gazing Ball Stand

Pewter by Artist Richard Pierce

4 1/2" High &  5" Wide
1 lb. 10 1/8ozs. of the Finest Pewter

Can hold 40 - 150mm Spheres

"Dragons Tails"    Exquisite trio of sitting guardian dragons with artistic extensions of their tails to create one of the most flexible sphere stands imaginable. Seen here with a  85mm Labradorite Sphere, which is sold separately.

This piece continues the avant-garde Art Deco theme of the Dragon stands. Look at the stylized clean lines of the dragon heads and horns, flowing so smoothly to the claws and tails. A striking combination of Gothic and Deco.

An Exceptional Collectible.  

Enhance your Gothic, Sphere or Pewter  Collection today,  buy
a crystal gazing ball or quartz sphere  to go with this great piece
and save big on shipping.

This Collectible Was  .............. $54.95

SALE - Now ...................$44.95

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