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40-50mm AA Girasol Opal Sphere
With Walnut Oriental Stand

Girasol Opal Sphere
Madagascar 50mm AA Girasol Opal Sphere
with Stand

50mm or 2" Sphere

Girasol Opal has a vitreous translucency which looks like light passing through a thin veil or frosted glass. Opal is composed of silica and water, which gives it the illusion of water captured in stone. Madagascar high grade Girasol Opal has an extra clear translucent quality. We have a limited quantity of these rare spheres, order yours today!  The Oriental Wood Stand is included.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Collectible Was  ..............$99.95

SALE - Now ...................$59.95

50mm or 2" Sphere...$59.95
45mm or 1 3/4" Sphere...$36.95
40mm or 1 1/2" Sphere...$27.95

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