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53mm+ Yellow Calcite Spheres
With Walnut Oriental Stand
53mm Yellow Calcite Sphere
with Stand

53mm or 2 1/5" Sphere

These bright Yellow Calcite Spheres are from Mexico. Calcite has long been used as an energy amplifier and yellow symbolizes the energy of the mind, encouraging an openness to learning and higher thought. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Collectible Was  .............. $29.95

53mm SALE - Now ...................$22.95

53mm or 2 1/5" Sphere - $22.95
55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere -



"Calcite is a world teacher for all of humanity, facilitating macrocosmic awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature"

"This mineral releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure and is an energy amplifier. It is said to help the body and the mind remember - the mind to remember information bought to bear during astral travel and channeling experiences; the body, to remember the state of perfection during dis-ease in order to return to the natural state of flawless-ness." *

Calcite both intensifies and clears the Chakra Energy

*"Love is in the Earth" by Melody

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