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55-60mm Amazonite Sphere
With Walnut Oriental Stand
Amazonite Sphere

55mm Madagascar Amazonite Sphere
  with Stand
55mm-60mm or 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" Spheres

Gorgeous, hand carved and polished Amazonite spheres from Madagascar have a shimmering aquamarine blue "Sea Glass" shine. Amazonite is a blue/green variety of a Feldspar called Microcline. All Feldspars have soothing and calming qualities. Amazonite, in particular, fosters a deep clarity and an instinctive harmonizing which nurtures feelings of love and well-being. Each lovely 50mm or 2" sphere comes with a Walnut Finish Oriental Stand.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Collectible Was  .............. $49.95

SALE - Now ...................$34.95

55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere - $34.95

60mm or 2 1/2" Sphere - $44.95



"Amazonite is soothing to the nerves and dispels both irritating and negative energy." *

This stone emits energies that clear the air and auras around it of negative influences.  These properties justify the widespread use in jewelry, aside from it's physical beauty.

Amazonite is said to suppress worries and dissipate feelings of aggravation, yet allows spontaneity and energy flow.  In addition Amazonite eases and promotes communication between lovers.

Amazonite is named after the Amazon river although it's main source is Russia and India.  It is an alkali of Feldspar, forming short prismatic crystals mostly found in turquoise.

*"Love is in the Earth" by Melody
Virgo Birthstone

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