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Aquamarine Gem Tree - Large Spruce
Award Winning Artist Creation
Large Aquamarine Gem Tree

Aquamarine Gemstone Tree - Large Spruce
Quartz Crystal Cluster Base
9" High x 4 1/2" Wide.

March Birthstone
Beautiful to behold
large Aquamarine Gemstone Tree on a solid Quartz Crystal Cluster base by award winning US artist. These custom large size Spruce Gem Trees have 31 graduated branches with approximately 200 individual high quality, clear Aquamarine polished stones. The branches are no tarnish silver tone metal wire and the Quartz Crystal Cluster base has acrylic pads for scratch protection.

Each piece is unique and handmade,
with slight variations!!

This Gem Tree Was  .............. $269.00

E - Now ...................$199

March Birthstone

" A Stone of Courage* "
Clears Throat Chakra and aligns the Chakras

Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, also known as Emerald when it a appears as green crystals.  It accelerates the intellectual and reasoning processes leading to better assimilation of the knowledge sought.

It enhances courage by increasing preparedness and taking a more intellectual approach to physical challenges as opposed to brute force. Warriors took this talisman into battle with them for protection and quicker, smarter responses to the threats at hand.
"Love is in the Earth" by Melody

Country of Origin: India, Russia, Brazil, USA

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