More Gemstone Eggs

Clear Quartz Egg
With Walnut Oriental Stand
Quartz Egg
Clear Quartz Crystal Egg with Wood Stand
In 2 Sizes - 50mm/2" H  or H  54mm/2 1/4"

Clean, clear Quartz Crystal eggs. They have beautiful phantoms and rainbow inclusions, mostly clear in quality Brazilian Quartz. Also great for scrying or placing in palm for meditation. The Walnut Finish Egg Stand is included.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Gem Egg Was  .............. $32.95

SALE - Now ...................$22.95

50mm / 2" $22.95
54mm / 2 1/4" $27.95


Clears past wounds, leaving the bright hope of the moment

"Quartz attracts life force from the unlimited source of life at the core of your being and brings it into the physical world. As this life force flows through you, it nourishes and balances your mind, emotions, and physical body and corrects color-ray imbalances within them. Because this stream of vital energy touches every facet of your being, all aspects of your life improve.   *
*"Love is in the Earth" by Melody

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