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Celestial Stars Crystal Prism
Celestial Stars Hanging Prism
Celestial Stars Hanging Prism
Austrian Crystal Prism
 2 1/4" or 55mm Diameter by 1 1/4" Deep

Exquisite star shaped Aurora Borealis crystal with celestial mini stars in the center.  The back is beautifully faceted to a raised center point enhancing the rainbow reflections. A superb Feng Shui crystal that increases the energy flow and light play in the room.

The celestial stars are sculpted in 3D frosted crystal The back is faceted in a diamond cut fashion for greater beauty and enhanced reflection of light.

Gift Boxed

This Collectible Was  .............. $39.95

SALE - Now ...................$27.95

 2 1/8" Dia. or 50mm by 1 1/8" D - 27.95
2 1/2" Dia. or 60mm by 1 1/4" D
- 31.95


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