More Swarovski Prisms
Swarovski 20-60mm Prism Ball
8558 Swarovski Prism Ball

Swarovski Crystal 20 - 40mm 8558 Facet Balls
In 11 Jewel Colors
20mm or 3/4" W -  $14.95
30mm or 1 1/4" W -  $21.95
40mm or 1 1/2" W - 

Clear & AB 20mm-60mm Sizes

The classic 8558 series Swarovski unleaded facet balls are the most enduring and timeless Swarovski Chandelier pieces. They can be hung as ornaments or placed on a sphere or prism stand as a decorative accessory.

Exquisitely beautiful, these prisms are a perfect Feng Shui tool to energize a dead space with light. The gold plated ball display stands are sold separately.

vailable in 11 colors
Clear, AB, Light Amber, Bordeaux, Light Violet, Blue Violet, Emerald, Peridot, Rose,  Medium Sapphire,  Dark Sapphire.




Medium Sapphire

8558-RO Swarovski Prism- Rose

8558-EM Swarovski Prism- Emerald

8558-MS Swarovski Prism - Sapphire


Light Violet

Blue Violet

Dark Sapphire

8558-LV Swarovski Prism - Light Violet

8558-BV Swarovski Prism- Blue Violet

8558-DS Swarovski Prism- Dark Sapphire

Light Peridot

Light Topaz


8558-LP Swarovski Prism- Peridot

8558-LT Swarovski Prism- Light Topaz

8558-BO Swarovskii Ruby Prism


Aurora Borealis

Wood Display Stand

20mm, 30mm & 60mm
8558 Swarovski Prism Ball  Clear

 40mm & 60mm
8558-AB Swarovski Prism Ball

Wood Prism Display Stand

Click here to view Small Ball Stands!

Get the 20mm-60mm Swarovski 8558 Prism Balls in the color of your choice and a decorative small Ball or Egg Stand for a lovely desk or curio accessory.

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