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50-55mm A Chrysocolla Spheres
From Peru - With Wood Stand

50mm Rare Chrysocolla Sphere
with Stand

50mm or 2" Sphere

Chrysocolla crystals are usually inter-grown with quartz and opal. It has a bright bluish green appearance with occasional copper patches. Chrysocolla is said to eliminate negativity in the home or environment as well as having healing properties. High quality A grade Chrysocolla spheres are hard to find, so order yours now before they sell out!  Each lovely 50mm or 2" sphere or larger from Peru, comes with a Walnut Finish Oriental Stand.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Collectible Was  .............. $179.95

SALE - Now ...................$119.95

50mm or 2" Sphere $119.95
55mm or 2 1/4" Sphere

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