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Lepidolite Gemstone Tree
w/ Amethyst Cluster Crystal  Base

Lepidolite Gem Tree
Medium Lepidolite Gem Tree
Druze Amethyst Crystal Cluster Base
6 1/2" High x 6" Wide - 1/2 lb Approx.
10 Branches with 80-100 stones

February Birthstone
Lepidolite Gem Tree has a lavender hue with small Mica sparkles.
Lepidolite is part of the Mica mineral group named after the Latin "to glitter".  In crystal lore, Lepidolite is said to have an uplifting effect on mood that is helpful with shedding addictive, dependent and compulsive behavior.

These USA hand crafted Medium Gem Trees have 10 branches with 80-100 individual Brazil Lepidolite polished gemstones on each tree. The branches are no tarnish gold tone metal wire and the Amethyst Druze bases have thick pads for scratch protection.

Each piece is unique and handmade,
 with slight variations!!

This Gem Tree Was  .............. $49.95

E - Now ...................$32.95

February Birthstone

Lepidolite uplifts, dispels gloom and promotes feelings of hope.

It is representative of the principle of complete metamorphosis. It bestows stability, strength, invigoration and peace.

From antiquity it has symbolized sobriety or self-mastery.. Therefore it passes on the ability to release one's addictions, physical, emotional or otherwise.

It magnifies personal energies of love, forgiveness, healing by concentrating upon the stone.

Aquarian Birthstone

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