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Large AA Labradorite Hearts
With Velvet Pouch
Labradorite Heart
AA Labradorite Puffy Hearts

Each comes with it's own velvet pouch.
2 1/4" & 2 1/2" Hearts

Lots of peacock colored fire in these beautiful Feldspar Madagascar Labradorite polished hearts. Labradorite facilitates change in trying circumstances, plumbing the strengths of the inner self. Beautifully polished puffy  heart shaped gem stone with its own velvet pouch.
Velvet pouch included.

Each piece is unique, with slight variations!!

This Collectible Was  .............. $45.95

E - Now ...................$32.95

55mm or 2 1/4" Heart - $24.95 -SOLD
60mm or 2 1/2" Heart - $32.95



This stone represents the spiritual
sides of the sun and the moon.


Labradorite is believed to grant it's possessor intellectual clarity and increased patience, which in turn allows the seeker to reach an inner peace. This mysteriously shiny gemstone is said to help one recognize the crucial "Right Time."

It's name is due to the main source for the mineral, Labrador, Canada.  It is known by it's fiery iridescence sometimes referred to as it's Labradorescence.

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